Thursday, 12 April 2018

Neflix Revealed Its Most Frightened Horror Movies of The Decade

If you are one of those people who stop a horror movie in the middle because of fear, know that you are not alone. Netflix released on Monday (26) a list with the main lengths of the platform that were abandoned by Brazilian viewers before reaching the end of their plots.

The top three horror titles that made the viewer stop midway were The Blair Witch , Premonition 5 and Dangerous Game . A classic, Piranha also appears on the list alongside more recent movies like Paranormal Activity 3  and Friendship Undone.

See the complete list:

The Blair Witch
Premonition 5
Dangerous game
Paranormal Activity 3
Vatican Exorcists
Friendship undone

The list takes into account movies that were dropped by users after 70% of the display. If you dont have netflix membership, don;t worry, you can download horror movies free of cost listed above from moviesgraphy website in full hd quality uncut version.

The latest production platform, Veronica , does not appear on the list, as it's probably a release. The horror film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017 and garnered critical and public acclaim. Made by the same director of [REC] , Paco Plaza, the film is a Spanish production that tells the story of a woman who happens to be persecuted by spirits after trying to revive her own father with an Ouija ritual. Veronica has been available on Netflix since February of this year.

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