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15 Movie Tips To Enjoy Movies At Home in 2017

If you only rarely go to the cinema and still want to enjoy your films on the couch anyway, you should be happy about our 15 secret tips, which are available now or soon on Blu-ray, DVD or digital.

As we have already become a fixed blogbusters tradition, this year we have once again taken a look back at those films that the Kinopublikum - for whatever reason - more or less ignored, even though they were actually really good. To put the whole thing into the right perspective, we have targeted films that attracted less than 300,000 people in Germany (over 81 million inhabitants!).

Particular shocked I am that even big Hollywood productions, it was reported prominently in the press about, such as Clint Eastwood's Sully , who meets our criteria. On the other hand, there were also films that have not even managed to make their way to the movies, such as the hilariously ridiculous pop satire Popstar: Never Stop Never stopping .You can watch these movies at home,only you need is to free movie downloads online of these movies listed here using online service for movies with fast speed and uncut version.

Nobody said life was fair, considering that many a lousy strip attracted many more people to the cinema than the pearls we enumerate. We therefore want to bend something of this injustice right again and present to you:

15 Movie Tips for a Successful Movie Night Home

Green Room

I have not seen the film myself, but wanted to do so for a long time. After all, Nicoletta the horror thriller  Green Room in their top 5 films of last year listed and says: "Punks vs. Nazis: High-voltage, inconspicuous no-brain action chamber thriller of the very best kind. "

Number of visitors *: <100,000 
Editor Rating:  
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Released Blu-ray & DVD: October 7, 2016

Room (Room)

Intensive, authentic, oppressive. Room is a drama that will not soon let go a again. One of the best films of 2016, the right got under my skin and I my Top 5 films of the past year count. This is to a large part also the two main characters, young talent Jacob Tremblay ( Shut In , Before I Wake ) and Brie Larson ( Dating Queen , Free Fire ). The latter was for her role with an Oscar and Golden Globe Award.

Number of visitors *: 104 472 
Editor Rating:  Reader rating:  Released Blu-ray & DVD: July 28, 2016

Deepwater Horizon

Director Peter Berg is with Deepwater Horizon managed a thrilling disaster film, behind one of the worst environmental disasters of all time shows the human destinies (triggered on 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon). Despite consistently positive movie reviews ( from us ), the action drama was a commercial flop at the cinema . Probably the people of the many current Bad News in the daily life already enough and therefore made a bow around the film. Too bad, because this time would filmmaker Berg - unlike his miserably poor Battleship - clearly deserved an audience.

Number of visitors *: 121 122 
Editor Rating:  
Reader rating:  Released Blu-ray & DVD: April 6, 2017

Nocturnal Animals

Tom Ford is a world-famous fashion designer. In addition, he also makes world class films. After his debut film  A Single Man  (2009), which was highly praised by critics and earned its lead actor Colin Firth among others a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, yielded a mere 7 years later, his successor factory Nocturnal Animals from. The film - a mixture of drama and thriller - tells several stories and interweaves them. The end comes rather abruptly and leaves the viewer - like for example  Birdman  - in the dark about how the act now actually ends. An individual film, which is certainly not for everyone, but with great performances, an unusual story and a gifted look.

Number of visitors *: 138,571 
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Reader rating: No review available 
Released Blu-ray & DVD: unknown

Elliot, the Dragon (Pete's Dragon)

Even Walt Disney Pictures, the Real with films like Maleficent - The dark fairy , Cinderella with or recently The Jungle Book  celebrates a mega success after another, bakes between times smaller buns. In addition to the flop, the Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass was also had Elliot, the dragon , a remake of the mixed film Pete's Dragon (1977), efforts to find a wider audience. The fantasy adventure provides a simple story, packaged as a great family film about courage, friendship and a large dose of heart and imagination.

Number of visitors *: 296 227 
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Released Blu-ray & DVD: January 5, 2017

The Shallows - Danger from the Deep

Even if he went with us: in many countries was The Shallows- risk into a veritable hit. This "under-water horror" played a proud 119 million dollars worldwide - with just 1 million production costs. "Small budget, very big movie," Jeannette ruled in its review , and added: " The Shallows  is a thriller with terrific actress, who certainly does not need to fear comparison to DEM Haifilm."

Number of visitors *: 172 124 
Editor Rating:  
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Released Blu-ray & DVD: December 27, 2016

Kubo - The Brave Samurai (Kubo and the two Strings)

This is a movie, which is on the watch of pretty much all blogbusters authors. Because none of the Blogbusters crew has Kubo - The brave samurai seen so far. But because of your feedback and many euphoric voices from the network, we are confident that this stop-motion animated film made by Laika ( Coraline , ParaNorman ) it is worth to be seen.

Number of visitors *: <100,000 
Editor Rating: film was not previously seen by the editors 
Reader Rating: No review available 
Released Blu-ray & DVD: March 2, 2017

Cloverfield Lane

How often do you hear people complaining that no more original films were made and instead new remakes and superhelden movies were always released. It would be  10 Cloverfield Lane  one of these special films that bring so right variety and life to the place. Although a spin-off of JJ Abrams monster spectacle Cloverfield is to feel in this strong feature debut by director Dan Trachtenberg except the name Relatives not much from the "big brother". Instead, 10 Cloverfield Lane a masterful mystery stage play in a class that sets rather than on detailed explanations on subtle details and oppressive paranoia .


If you like really quirky humor, it's no wonder: Keanu insane and merciless backed by George Michael songs story plus his wacky duo - in the US have Key & Peele thanks to their show on Comedy Central a large fan base - in the main role yields in the Sum a temporeiche comedy, which often hits the mark as well as beside it.

Number of visitors *: <100,000 
Editor Rating:  
Reader rating:  Released Blu-ray & DVD: October 20, 2016

Everybody Wants Some !!

Everybody Wants Some !! Accompanies a cheerful group of baseball players at college and plays during a summer in the 1980s. The comedy is nostalgic in the best sense of the word. Boyhood director Richard Linklater takes us in his latest film on a walk through the past - with talented young performers, a simple but winning story and a sack strong eighties soundtrack of the Hip Hop pioneers Sugarhill Gang, about pop icon Blondie To Glam Rock gods like Van Halen, just about everything that the youth of that time brought to the celebration.

Number of visitors *: <100,000 
Editor Rating:  
Reader rating:  Released Blu-ray & DVD: November 3, 2016

Eddie The Eagle - Everything is possible

The Eagle has landed, right in the heart: harmless, humorous and with a big pinch of cordiality. An underdog story that shows that you do not have to win to be a big winner. That these winter sports comedy that the highly successful Cool Runnings so very similar (both based on an amazing true story that has happened to the 1988 he Winter Olympics in Calgary in which an underdog (respectively a team of underdogs) - using a boozy ex Spitzenathlethen, which has now fallen totally discredited - notable successes celebrated and so captured the hearts of viewers why. Eddie the Eagle - Everything is possible in contrast to Cool Runnings he sailed past in the favor of his cinema audience, remains a mystery, especially since this comedy does have enough of their own really good moments, not only as a simple Cool Runnings go through copy.

Number of visitors *: 172 124 
Editor Rating:  
Reader rating:  
Released Blu-ray & DVD: September 8, 2016


Director Clint Eastwood says in  Sully  the true story of the "Miracle on the Hudson" in which US Airways Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, the with a full passenger plane at New York's Hudson River a successful ditching succeeded. Of course, not the entire film revolves around this one sequence, but illuminates the fact that Sully and his copilot were celebrated as heroes from the very beginning, but at the same time by the American National Security Safety Board (NTSB), a hard and nerve-racking one Investigation. The result is a thrilling drama that takes the viewer in the middle of the action on this cold January in New York, without any unnecessary effect.

Number of visitors *: 195 374 
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Reader rating:  
Released Blu-ray & DVD: April 20, 2017

Colonia Dignidad - There is no back

German cinema with international format (and Harry Potter star Emma Watson in the lead role!). Once hell and back. The film tells a fictitious story embedded in actual (and monstrously terrible) historical events. With  Colonia Dignidad - There is no turning back is  director Florian Gallenbeger  einnervenaufreibender thriller with a demonically good Michael Nyqvist and a refreshing woman saves man Twist succeeded.

Number of visitors *: 270 413 
Editor Rating:  
Reader rating:  Released Blu-ray & DVD: April 20, 2017

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

The subgenre of mockumentary (a portmanteau word consisting mock from English to mock = and documentary = Documentary) has in the film world a very great role model: Rob Reiner Rock Band spoof This Is Spinal Tap (1984). With  Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping , the American comedy troupe The Lonely Iceland - consisting of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone - created not only the equivalent of the 2000s, but an exemplary successor, the inferior his model in nothing. Our rating for this comedy does not go to 11, but for rich 4 stars it is enough. An advantage is, who understands English (must be seen in the original) and is a bit familiar with the pop world, to get all the gags and side shots. A real feast!

Number of visitors *: <100,000 
Editor Rating:  
Reader rating: No review available 
Released Blu-ray & DVD: October 13, 2016

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man  will probably remain forever as "the fart movie" in memory , while it is a completely wacky buddy comedy with indie feel-good touch, loneliness and friendship addressed in a unique way and with a very Emotional history and many charming moments.

We have seen bloody scenes from Alien: Covenant ... and We are thrilled

Blogbusters was invited last December, along with other journalists, by 20th Century Fox to watch exclusive excerpts and trailers from some of his upcoming films, including the Alien Prequel Alien: Covenant.

Besides  Alien: Covenant  showed Fox representatives of the press in attendance also exclusive footage and trailers previously unseen from  Planet of the Apes: Survival (original title: The War for the Planet of the Apes), A Cure For Wellness  and  Logan - The Wolverine  seen. As a new trailer will be released in the coming days, we will only report on this later date (but the final Wolverine strip will be really good, so much is already betrayed!).

Alien: Covenant is the most appropriate and interquel designate (term defined below) and should - be the first part of a new (Interquel-) Trilogy - explain the origin of alien species. Particularly exciting on the footage presented to us was the first glance at the "Neomorphs", which was granted to us. After a brief introduction by director Ridley Scott, we were shown two different film clips.

In the first clip the crew of a land encapsulation, which belongs to the colonial ship "Covenant". The crew, consisting of colonialists and scientists (including Danny McBride, Carmen Ejogo and Demian Bichir), wants to explore an unexplored planet that promises to be a paradise - ideal for colonializing. But already the landing attempt turns out to be more difficult than expected. Stormy weather conditions make landing a hugely difficult one.

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It has long been a trend to fill narrative gaps in films later. So-called prequels tell the story, for example, of what happened in another film. But when  Alien- series it will be a bit tricky. For the first Alien movie (Ridley Scott) is from the year 1979. He had three sequels, all of different directors.

2012 Advanced Ridley Scott with Prometheus -  a sort of prequel to Alien in the cinema, but played much earlier time. Alien: Covenant is now both a sequel (continued) to Prometheus , as well as a prequel to Alien . This, in turn, calls for its own name. Of course there is already the: the Interquel.

The Interquel is a continuation to two or more films, which plays between the films. This usually fills a chronological gap. Known examples of Interquels are Fast Five or recently Rogue One: A Star Wars story .

Next clip: The characters of Amy Seimetz and Carmen Ejogo are in the emergency room of the land capsules and take care of a male crewmember, which seems to be getting worse every second. The viewer is immediately reminded of the famous Chestbuster scene from Alien. But this time, the alien is looking for a new way out of his human host. Suddenly, a few spines are boring through the man's back and one of the new neomorphs breaks through his backbone as if it were made of butter. Carmen Ejogo's film character is locked up with her now dead colleague in the room, and even before she can get out, she also falls victim to the alien. For this, plenty of blood flows.

Amy Seimetz's figure, who had to watch her girlfriend be torn, ran out of the country in panic. But it has also happened around them, for at this moment the freighter explodes before the eyes of some comrades who have just returned from a reconnaissance.

Apparently, a man they bring back with him has also been "infected". This neomorph does not even bother to break the body of his host. Instead, he climbs up his throat and explodes out of his mouth and chases his head almost in the air.

Both scenes were at least as bloody as the famous Chestburster the original Alien . This gives us a pretty good picture of what we're gonna expect, and that Ridley Scott will not be sparing with blood and carnage.

All this gives hope to a unzimperlichen and fantastic photographed new Alien film - provided Scotts screenwriters Michael Green, John Logan and Jack Paglen can come up with a compelling story - is totally convincing.

Up  Alien: Covenant will start on May 18 in theaters, it will take a Momentchen. The waiting time until then is best to enjoy with the repeated enjoyment of the first trailer.

James Mangold announces: 'Logan is officially R-Rated'

Even if you've seen the trailer for Red Band of Logan , you already knew what to expect, the director James Mangold has officially announced via Twitter that the third movie Wolverine will be R-Rated. Mangold also revealed that the film earned an R-Rateda evaluation by the MPAA for "strong and brutal violence throughout the film, and for brief scenes of nudity."

The cast of the film, as well as Hugh Jackman who will wear for the last time the role of the protagonist, we will also find Patrick Stewart, who will reprise the role of Professor Charles Xavier, already seen in the iconic series of the X-Men. Stephen Merchant , Eriq La Salle , Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez will complete the cast of one of the most anticipated movies of the entire 2017. Logan debuts in Italian cinemas March 2, 2017: will be the ninth and final film in which Jackman plays the character of Wolverine . The direction is headed by James Mangold, based on the script written by David James Kelly. Mister Sinister and his Essex Corp should have been the villain of the movie and some rumor saw Richard E. Grant in the role of the antagonist, but the news is not confirmed. We now know that the villain of the film will be the Reavers, led by Donald Pierce Boyd Holbrook, and Weapon X. The presence of Sinister in the film will be motivated by the creation of X-23, the young Wolverine clone.

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Ryan Gosling to Play Neil Armstrong In Damien Chazelle's Biopic

We are still in the middle of the Oscar season 2016/2017, which will last until the awarding of the golden statues on 26 February, and yet we can already take a look forward to the potential candidates coming to the cinema next year will. At least on paper sounds First Man for such candidates. Based on the biography of James Hansen is First Man portray the planning of the first lunar mission and the annual highlight in Neil Armstrong's life before the moon landing. Ryan Gosling , who soon likely for La La Land his second Oscarnomnierung obtained is the astronauts embody who put the first foot on the moon. The staging of First Man from La La Land - and Whiplash director Damien Chazelle , which is traded in the forthcoming Oscars as one of the favorites for the directing prize and becoming the youngest winner of the directing Oscars would ever. But whether he wins or not, according Whiplash and La La Land to Chazelle has clearly established itself as one of the largest new directing talents of Hollywood.To watch or download free movies like Whiplash,La La Land in full hd quaity without playing online,get to our website and enjoy your favorite movies at home for free.

The screenplay for First Man was penned by Josh Singer, who for his work on Spotlight won an Oscar this year. So here we have a promising combination of an Oscar-winning author, a possibly soon Oscar-winning director, one of Hollywood's most respected young actors and a subject that illuminates and inspires a very important section of US history. If that does not sound like an Oscar ...

If you found this project somehow familiar, it is because we have reported year ago on one of them . At that time, however, the screenplay had not yet been finalized and Gosling had not yet received an official role offer. Now he has, according to the trade publication Variety officially signed for the film and the shooting are expected to start early next year, so that the film will probably be ready for Oscar season 2017/2018 on time.

Ruby Rose To Play Important Role in Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3

Yet the Australian all-rounder is Ruby Rose (actress, model, DJ, presenter) outside their mainly the fans of Frauenknast series home "Orange is the New Black" known in which she played a supporting role during the third season, but that is Will change next year, because Rose will be shown in four sequels (!). While in the first three action-oriented films ( xXx: The Return of Xander Cage , Resident Evil: The Final Chapter , John Wick: Chapter 2 ), Badass roles plays, which are expected to be released in January and February, is directed her Fourth sequel, for which she was recently engaged and whose filming is still to come (the others are already in the box), to a completely different audience. It is the first new cast member of the a cappella musical comedy Pitch Perfect 3 that on 12.21.2017 to start in our cinemas. Details about their role are not yet available.

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Anna Kendrick , Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow are so far the only confirmed franchise returnees, but we can probably assume that also Hana Mae Lee, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Elizabeth Banks and other faces of the first and second film again from Of the party. Pitch Perfect was 2012 with a worldwide box office of $ 115 million to a little surprise success, its popularity (among others thanks to Anna Kendrick hit single "cups") has grown significantly in the home theater, which has the world in the box office of the sequel that almost $ 300m Has reflected. Producer Elizabeth Banks celebrated her second film with her rendezvous but was unable to stage the third film due to other commitments. In its place now comes Step Up: All In -Regisseurin and choreographer Trish you. The script, however, writes again Kay Cannon, which already delivered the scripts for the first two films. Even if the second film did not have the same boundless energy and charm of the first, is PitchPerfect been a very entertaining Girl Power franchise with great music and a truly dedicated ensemble, so I am also on the third film.

Download Descendants 2 2017 Full Movie

Download Descendants 2 2017 Full Movie
Download Descendants 2 2017 Full Movie
The offspring of Disney villains will return to the TV screens next year.

It was not long after the broadcast of the fairy tale musicals Descendants - The Descendants , to the Disney Channel was a successor in order . (Dylan Playfair) and Hooks son Harry (Thomas Doherty), who together form a pirate gang on the island of the Lost, and Dizzy (Anna Cathcart), the daughter of Cinderellas evil sister Drizella.You can have latest disney movies free download from our website to watch at home with your friends and children in full hd quality with safe and secure links.

But, of course, the popular and well-reputed quartet comes back from the original film: Carlos (Cameron Boyce), Evie (Sofia Carson), Mal (Dove Cameron) and Jay (Booboo Stewart). The first Sequel Photo of four, along with the young King Ben (Mitchell Hope), there was already seen in September . Meanwhile, the Disney Channel a short video has also already Descendants 2 published which transports viewers behind the scenes of the sequel, allowing a first look at the sets and some scenes:

Was staged Descendants 2 again by the choreographer and High School Musical director Kenny Ortega. In the Sequel time is tempted to return to their evil roots when the pressure on them to be perfect becomes too great. She returns to the island of the Lost, where her arch enemy, Uma, has now become the new queen. Uma has a grudge against Ben because he did not pick her up to go to the school in the idyllic kingdom of Auradon, so she tries to break through the barrier between the island of the Lost and Auradon with her pirate gang and catch all the prisoners on the island Villains to unleash. Once again, it has to decide on whose side it is.