Friday, 27 January 2017

We have seen bloody scenes from Alien: Covenant ... and We are thrilled

Blogbusters was invited last December, along with other journalists, by 20th Century Fox to watch exclusive excerpts and trailers from some of his upcoming films, including the Alien Prequel Alien: Covenant.

Besides  Alien: Covenant  showed Fox representatives of the press in attendance also exclusive footage and trailers previously unseen from  Planet of the Apes: Survival (original title: The War for the Planet of the Apes), A Cure For Wellness  and  Logan - The Wolverine  seen. As a new trailer will be released in the coming days, we will only report on this later date (but the final Wolverine strip will be really good, so much is already betrayed!).

Alien: Covenant is the most appropriate and interquel designate (term defined below) and should - be the first part of a new (Interquel-) Trilogy - explain the origin of alien species. Particularly exciting on the footage presented to us was the first glance at the "Neomorphs", which was granted to us. After a brief introduction by director Ridley Scott, we were shown two different film clips.

In the first clip the crew of a land encapsulation, which belongs to the colonial ship "Covenant". The crew, consisting of colonialists and scientists (including Danny McBride, Carmen Ejogo and Demian Bichir), wants to explore an unexplored planet that promises to be a paradise - ideal for colonializing. But already the landing attempt turns out to be more difficult than expected. Stormy weather conditions make landing a hugely difficult one.

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It has long been a trend to fill narrative gaps in films later. So-called prequels tell the story, for example, of what happened in another film. But when  Alien- series it will be a bit tricky. For the first Alien movie (Ridley Scott) is from the year 1979. He had three sequels, all of different directors.

2012 Advanced Ridley Scott with Prometheus -  a sort of prequel to Alien in the cinema, but played much earlier time. Alien: Covenant is now both a sequel (continued) to Prometheus , as well as a prequel to Alien . This, in turn, calls for its own name. Of course there is already the: the Interquel.

The Interquel is a continuation to two or more films, which plays between the films. This usually fills a chronological gap. Known examples of Interquels are Fast Five or recently Rogue One: A Star Wars story .

Next clip: The characters of Amy Seimetz and Carmen Ejogo are in the emergency room of the land capsules and take care of a male crewmember, which seems to be getting worse every second. The viewer is immediately reminded of the famous Chestbuster scene from Alien. But this time, the alien is looking for a new way out of his human host. Suddenly, a few spines are boring through the man's back and one of the new neomorphs breaks through his backbone as if it were made of butter. Carmen Ejogo's film character is locked up with her now dead colleague in the room, and even before she can get out, she also falls victim to the alien. For this, plenty of blood flows.

Amy Seimetz's figure, who had to watch her girlfriend be torn, ran out of the country in panic. But it has also happened around them, for at this moment the freighter explodes before the eyes of some comrades who have just returned from a reconnaissance.

Apparently, a man they bring back with him has also been "infected". This neomorph does not even bother to break the body of his host. Instead, he climbs up his throat and explodes out of his mouth and chases his head almost in the air.

Both scenes were at least as bloody as the famous Chestburster the original Alien . This gives us a pretty good picture of what we're gonna expect, and that Ridley Scott will not be sparing with blood and carnage.

All this gives hope to a unzimperlichen and fantastic photographed new Alien film - provided Scotts screenwriters Michael Green, John Logan and Jack Paglen can come up with a compelling story - is totally convincing.

Up  Alien: Covenant will start on May 18 in theaters, it will take a Momentchen. The waiting time until then is best to enjoy with the repeated enjoyment of the first trailer.

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