Friday, 27 January 2017

James Mangold announces: 'Logan is officially R-Rated'

Even if you've seen the trailer for Red Band of Logan , you already knew what to expect, the director James Mangold has officially announced via Twitter that the third movie Wolverine will be R-Rated. Mangold also revealed that the film earned an R-Rateda evaluation by the MPAA for "strong and brutal violence throughout the film, and for brief scenes of nudity."

The cast of the film, as well as Hugh Jackman who will wear for the last time the role of the protagonist, we will also find Patrick Stewart, who will reprise the role of Professor Charles Xavier, already seen in the iconic series of the X-Men. Stephen Merchant , Eriq La Salle , Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez will complete the cast of one of the most anticipated movies of the entire 2017. Logan debuts in Italian cinemas March 2, 2017: will be the ninth and final film in which Jackman plays the character of Wolverine . The direction is headed by James Mangold, based on the script written by David James Kelly. Mister Sinister and his Essex Corp should have been the villain of the movie and some rumor saw Richard E. Grant in the role of the antagonist, but the news is not confirmed. We now know that the villain of the film will be the Reavers, led by Donald Pierce Boyd Holbrook, and Weapon X. The presence of Sinister in the film will be motivated by the creation of X-23, the young Wolverine clone.

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