Friday, 9 June 2017

Reveal what happened to the Pirates of the Caribbean monkey during filming

Actress Kaya Scodelario revealed in an interview that Barbosa 's little monkey was vomiting during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

It premiered Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Revenge of Salazar and began the controversy about caring for the animals that were part of the shooting , including the pirate monkey Barbosa.

According to the actress Kaya Scodelario revealed to The Sun, "the animal spent it vomiting all the filming". "The most memorable cast member was the monkey because he vomited all the time. He had a very small stomach and when we were rolling on the boat he was vomiting in the middle of the scenes, it was very funny," she said.

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  2. All holly wood gossips about monkey during Pirates of the Caribbean film. It's most funny character which only made Pirates of the Caribbean.