Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Smurfs The Lost Village 2017 Official Trailer 720p

With "Smurfs The Lost Village" return the adventures of Puffeta , Quattrocchi, Hefty and Clumsy, always followed by the evil Gargamel . The story this time takes on a more thoughtful and intimate tone: Smurfette has become aware of being the only one in the village does not have a purpose, he begins to make a trip to the search itself. Its road will intersect with that of a mysterious creature  ending up in an enchanted forest. This is where Smurfette find a mysterious map finishing, along with his friends in the Secret Forest, a place populated by magical creatures to find a lost village. The little blue beings s'imbatteranno in various dangers and discover a big secret, that no one knows Smurf.

The third chapter of the Smurfs is another great story, able to laugh at both adults and children. " Smurfs The Lost Village" is the first film of fully animated series, the previous two, in fact, were a mix of live action and animation. This sequel full of magical discoveries and frantic racing is a big surprise for the spectators, who saw him will have the opportunity to become aware of something new: a secret on Smurfs that they ignore.

At all add to the topical theme of the struggle against the evil Gargamel, but also a new character, who love the cartoon 90s love: SmurfWillow (to understand the elderly Puffa), which in the original version has the voice of Julia Roberts. Among the American voice cast also stands out that we would find a name more suited to a culinary program, namely to Gordon Ramsey, the British chef who will play the Baker Smurf, smurf cook.

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Check Out The Official Trailer:

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