Thursday, 10 November 2016

In tears, Miley Cyrus sends a message to Donald Trump

While thousands of people marched yesterday in several US cities to protest against the victory of Donald Trump, the singer Miley Cyrus has decided to speak on social networks. In a video about two minutes posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, she appeared totally collapsed. As activist LGBT causes , the victory of Donald Trump is a disaster. Man is indeed used to the homophobic statements and is firmly opposed to gay marriage. Miley Cyrus has expressed her deep sadness before speaking directly to the new president of the United States. "I am extremely disappointed, like most Americans. I think of all those who, like me, have argued tirelessly Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I remain convinced that Hillary deserved to be the first woman to be elected President of the United States. What saddens me most is that I know how much this woman loves her country and how she has devoted his entire life to politics. ". The singer of 23 years did not hesitate to give her time to argue in favor of Hillary Clinton. Last month, she visited a university in Virginia, in the eastern United States, to campaign for students. She also gave a free concert in Cleveland, Ohio. Resigned, red eyes and pale complexion, Miley Cyrus continued his speech by addressing Donald Trump: "Ok, it's hard to say, but I accept you as president. I want to believe in the future and not from pessimistic. "

Miley Cyrus is a well known singer and actress and has played roles in Hollywood movies online like Bolt 2008,The Last Song and Hannah Montana along with many TV series.

The interpreter of "Wrecking Ball" does not stop there: "I would like to thank Barack Obama for all he has done during these years," she said before bursting into tears again. A few seconds after recovery, they turned back to Donald Trump, even offering to meet him: "For pity's sake, do you love each other and respect you. If you want to open your heart and mind, I am ready to help you and show you the way. " The woman concluded her moving speech thanking Hillary Clinton for "being such a source of inspiration to us all."

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