Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Luke Cage trailer shows Cottonmouth and commitment with hip-hop

Leading up to the premiere of the first season Netflix has in recent weeks released a series of Luke Cage trailers. In the latest trailer is the main enemy of Luke Cage shown Cottonmouth. The villain, played by Mahershala Ali was in the comic books Harlem drug lord. In the latest Luke Cage trailer, which can be viewed above, we see a first look of Cottonmouth, where Luke Cage will compete against in the first season of new Netflix Original Series. Cottonmouth had in the comic books direct involvement in the events where Luke Cage owes his super powers, or that the series will be so is not clear.

Cottonmouth originally wanted Luke Cage yards for his illegal practices, but that hope he gave soon after many lost battles. Luke Cage trailer reveals connection with hip-hop In Luke Cage trailer shows how Cottonmouth explains that everyone wants to be king. Behind him is a poster of rapper Biggie Smalls, with a crown on his head.

The rapper has left a big mark on the hip-hop scene in New York and the East Coast of America. Cottonmouth compares his rise in the criminal underworld with the career of Biggie Smalls. Cheo Hodari Coker, showrunner of Luke Cage, hip-hop has a prominent role in the series. The soundtrack of the series was inspired by Harlem and hip-hop culture there. Additionally fits the rhythm of hip-hop according to Coker perfectly with the show. Hip-hopfans can look forward to fighting in the series, which will be supported by well-known hip-hop racks from the 80s and 90s. The following video explains how hip-hop will play a role in Marvel's Luke Cage.

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Luke Cage appears September 30 in its entirety on Netflix.

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