Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may be the Disputed Film By Disney

Last week we were told that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story reshoots get, while the film actually had arrived in the post-production phase. No big deal, you might think, until you hear what the circumstances of the new recordings.

The universe of Star Wars free movie downloads is in turmoil surrounding the first spin-off of Star Wars -saga. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story  steals a group of rebels, with Felicity Jones in the lead, the plans of the Death Star . With that story is the film prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope , the first film in the area range from 1977. The important people of Disney planted last week down for the first cut of the film and what they saw was not to their enthusiasm. They ordered expensive readmissions  to the film by Gareth Edwards ( Monsters, Godzilla improve). According to Disney were additional withdrawals planned anyway, but this followed the news that the cause lies mainly with the tone of the film. The whole has to be lighter heart. To make matters worse surfaced rumors that as many as 40% of the movie to be recorded.

The latter may take you comfortable with a large grain of salt. Actually, we would not have us be worried because reshoots are very common in Hollywood. The additional shots after the film has been canned, to better final product. Additions of re-admissions for a given production is often associated with alarm bells on the quality of the upcoming movie in question. Unfairly, because you know for example, that many of Poe Dameron in  Star Wars: The Force Awakens  the result of reshoots ?

However, it is clear that Disney is planning to form  Rogue One  adapt considerably. Two directors take over the work of Edwards:  Tony Gilroy  ( Michael Clayton, The Bourne Legacy ) and  Simon Crane ,  stunt coordinator  and  second unit director  of  Edge of Tomorrow  and  World War Z . Gilroy also need to rewrite parts of the film. Crane or called in is to improve the action scenes or mitigate in brutality, is unclear. It would be to go for images in existing scenes. Nevertheless, the fact that two filmmakers must set clear how much work it is not coming. For six weeks, they will record new material to replace a large part of the original film Edwards.

Why make us or worry about the reshoots of Rogue One? Because tampered with the image that the director originally had in his head and to the image that many fans also have the spin-off . The brutal war drama that was scheduled, it may not. Disney wants a film that appeals to the widest possible audience and yield billions of dollars, not a genre film for a specific niche audience. Edwards sees his film go up in smoke because Disney dare not take risks, but that was precisely not the intention of the announced spin-offs?

Besides the new parts from the main sequence, so there are also films in the same universe. After Rogue One this year, there is a  Han Solo planned-film for 2018. The directors of the latter is none other than  Phil Lord  and  Chris Miller . She surprised even the unexpected fun  The LEGO Movie  and  21 Jump Street  and its sequel. Anything that touches the duo ( Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth ) seems to turn into gold. But if we the rumors  Rogue One  may believe, it can sometimes happen that the directors have little freedom for their story about Han Solo.

Directors should be limited in a production in which their creative freedom to work, that does not sound new to Disney. The Marvel films serve as the ideal example in which the filmmakers of service can not compete with the wishes of the producers to make a film that brings as much money in the drawer. The highlights of the issue are   Joss Whedon who was mentally broken by making Avengers: Age of Ultron , and paired conflict with Marvel, and  Ant-Man  with  Edgar Wright  ( Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ) his passion project goodbye said because of creative differences, surely the most original Marvel film could have been made ​​so far with his comedic film techniques and skills. Disney so permeates the same line, will soon be all the  Star Wars movies monotonous line work.

We can only hope that the news is false about the change of tone. Hopefully Disney will remain at their choice Gareth Edwards to make his way to the  Star Wars galaxy! And the reshoots only minor adjustments. Fans have often a tendency to blow up things, and certainly when it comes to  Star Wars  is. The result we discover on December 14 at the movies!

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